This product roadmap is for product managers responsible for a single product. Product roadmaps provide a high-level visual summary that maps out the vision and direction of a product offering over time—conveying the strategic why and what behind what you’re building. The above example is a timeline-based roadmap that communicates the status of different initiatives. The swimlanes divide initiatives according to the various teams working on the product: web, mobile, and marketing teams.

Key Features

  • Great for mapping out your product vision over time
  • Teams are grouped together in swimlanes
  • Color-coded according to overall strategic goals

The initiatives across the functional groups are color-coded to correlate with the company’s overall goals. Strategic goals in this example product roadmap include enhancing performance, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, internal optimization, and improving security. This method of color-coding allows stakeholders to quickly see the “why” behind each initiative and understand how various efforts fit into the bigger picture. The timeframe for this roadmap is about six months and milestones have been incorporated to mark planned release dates.